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Aisha Damali Lockridge, Ph.D.


Aisha Damali Lockridge is currently an Associate Professor of Communication and Media Studies at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She received her undergraduate degree in English from City College of New York and her PhD in English from Stony Brook University. Her research focuses on Civic Media, Black Popular Culture, and Pedagogy. Her monograph, Tipping on a Tightrope: Divas in African American Literature, traces the trajectory of the Diva figure in African American literature. She is currently working on a book length project about the transformation of the Magical Negress figure in Black literature and popular culture.

Most recently she has offered courses on the Black Women as Content Creators, Black Popular Culture, and Civic Media. Her teaching style encourages students to make their own intellectual discoveries by engaging meaningfully with Black texts and interrupting spaces of privilege and power. 


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